Sizing Guides

We always recommend measuring your dog before ordering a P'etiquette collar to ensure the perfect fit. There are a couple of ways of selecting the right size; measuring your dog's current collar or measuring their neck.

To measure your dog's neck, have your dog sit or stand in a comfortable position. Wrap a tape measure around the middle of its neck, half-way between the bottom of the dog's ears and the base of the neck. Tighten the tape measure enough that it sets against the fur but is not constricting the neck. Take the measurement and use to select the most appropriate collar size.

To measure their current collar you'll need to measure from the buckle prong to the most worn hole. This will give you the optimal collar size for your dog, so you would then order the collar size most suitable to that measurement.

The image below shows how we measure our collars, use this as a reference point when measuring your dog's collar.

First measurement - shortest length of collar when fastened

how to measure your dog's collar

Second measurement - longest length of collar when fastened


P'etiquette handmade leather dog collars can be made in a variety of widths and sizes.  We have five size groups which are priced accordingly:

Extra Small Collars - 1/2" wide

6" - 8", 7" - 9", 8" - 10"

Small Collars - 5/8" wide 

9" - 11", 10" - 12", 11" - 13"

Medium Collars - 3/4" wide

 12" - 14", 13" - 15", 14" - 16", 15" - 17"

Large Collars - 1" wide 

16" - 18", 17" - 19", 18" - 20", 19" - 21"

Extra Large Collars - 1 1/4" wide

20" - 23", 22" - 25", 24" - 27", 26" - 29", 28" - 31"


The size of the buckle used on our leather dog collars will vary depending on the width of your collar.  The image below shows the buckles alongside each other.

leather dog collar buckles


Sizing a sighthound collar

Sizing a collar for sighthounds such as greyhounds, salukis, whippets and Italian greyhounds is essential as many are expert collar escape artists due to the shape of their necks.
The best way to measure your sighthound for a collar is to have your dog stand and measure the circumference of their neck just behind the ears.
Collars for greyhounds, whippets and Italian greyhounds have a tapered shape, being wider in the centre and narrowing at the buckle. We have three standard widths for sighthound collars covering all sizes of dog:

    • 2" wide at the widest part of the collar, tapering to a 1" buckle and D-ring - ideal for greyhounds, salukis and lurchers.
    • 1 3/4" wide at the widest part of the collar, tapering to a 3/4" buckle and D-ring - perfect for whippets or greyhound puppies.
    • 1 1/2" wide at the widest part of the collar, tapering to a 1/2" buckle and D-ring - ideal for the petite Italian greyhound.

All of our sighthound collar designs can be made for any size of dog, and remember, these are just our standard sizes. If you would prefer your collar being made to an alternative width, just get in touch, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.


Sizing a half check dog collar

Measuring your dog for a half check collar can be confusing, so as a guide, here's how we make our collars.

If your dog's neck is 14 inches, then we'll make the collar so that the length of the leather part of the collar, the two O rings and one inch of chain totals 14 inches. This will ensure that when tight there is still about an inch gap between the two D rings on either side of the collar, and the dog will be unable to back out of the collar, but will still be nice and comfy when loose.

    Measure the circumference around the middle of your dog's neck. The tape measure should be fairly snug so we have a true indication of your dog's neck. You should not put your fingers under the tape measure as you would to measure for a buckle collar. Following our guide on how to measure will allow us to produce the right size collar for your dog.

Remember half check collars should never be worn unsupervised


Measuring for a P'etiquette leather harness

To measure your dog for a custom fit leather harness we only need three measurements. Have your dog stand comfortably and take the following measurements.

how to measure a dog harness

  • A - Neck measurement - the circumference from the base of the back of the neck, in front of the shoulder blades, around to the front of the dog's breastbone
  • B - Chest Measurement - the circumference of your dog's chest behind the front legs. Make sure you don't measure too close to the legs as this could cause some irritation
  • C - the distance from the top of the breastbone (under the neck) to where you took the chest measurement

Once you have these measurements, then select the options that would best fit your dog and we'll make a harness with plenty of room. If you can't find the size or design you're looking for, then get in touch, and we'll be able to make a harness to your requirements.